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  • Fire nozzle QLD6.0/8III-B
  • Fire nozzle QLD6.0/8III-B
Fire nozzle QLD6.0/8III-B Fire nozzle QLD6.0/8III-B

Fire nozzle QLD6.0/8III-B

Application:mainly used by fire bigrades for fire fighting, it can meet the technical requirements of various fire sites and fire changes, high quality foam could be produced with a foam tube.

Technical data

QLD6.0/8 III-B Opening/shutoff by operating handle(ball valve switch)
Aluminum alloy Surface treatment hard anodisation
Working pressure
3.5-16bar Selectable stream pattern Jet-spray-fog (straight jet, flashover and wide angle spray).
Flow rate
115-230-360-475 LPM/
30-60-95-125 [email protected]
Connection type Storz,John Morris,Gost,Machino, NH,etc
Inlet size 1.5”-2”-2.5” (40-50-65mm) weight 1.7kg

  • Mainly for firefighting forces for various fire and different fire changes.
  • Made of strong lightweight aluminum alloy,hard anodized surface treatment.
  • 360 degree swivel,anti-hose knot
  • Tactile and visual indicators permit the user to know the type of stream even in total darkness and while wearing firefighting gloves
  • Easy to open and close the water flow by the fast ball valve switch
  • The selectable flow enables the user to select different flow to meet different kinds of fire.
  • Little recoil force.
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip polyurethane pistol grip.
  • Pins and screws in stainless steel.  
  • compatible with quick-attach foam tube

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